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My wife Julie

My wife Julie,and i spent last weekend in London,Julie knows it turns me on to see other guys lusting after her and i like to see her flirting and teasing them,we had talked about how far i would like her to go and it was always a turn on in bed talking about it.
We arrived at the hotel about 7 on Friday night,got ready and headed across town to eat at Quags,we had a drink at the bar and i noticed a group of guys (4) giving my wife the once and twice over,Julies stunning and she had a little black dress on which was fastened by studs up the front ,the top and bottom were undone showing her fantastic boobs and a lot of leg.

Julie had expensive black stay ups on and as she rested her bum on the stool you could see the darker top of the stockings and the guys had picked up on this,i told Julie they were looking and with the benefit of a few drinks she moved further down and opened her legs more,the top of her stockings could be seen along with that horny strip of thigh....the guys couldnt keep there eyes off her and she was trying hard to keep looking at me....she was feeling horny,i suggested she go to the loo and take her thong off,she told me to go to the loo and take my time....she was gonna have a flirt....i went off with my cock getting hard....i was away about 5 mins...and as i came back two of the guys were chatting to her,a tall goodlooking coloured lad and a guy about my build,both suited up and looking smart,late twenties i would guess,im 42 julies 37.... julie introduced the guys when i got back,and it turned out they were staying at the same hotel and they had noticed Julie as we checked in.
I was chatting to Rob and John the colored lad had Julie laughing and giggling,i checked her legs and her stocking tops were easy to see and her legs were sexily crossed,the sexy glossy black nylon looked so inviting... she saw me looking and winked.

I went to the bar and got the drinks for us all,I noticed Jon with his hand on her leg just above her knee as i walked back and they were clearly getting on more than well.

We got called to our table and left the guys at the bar,she told me he d told her that he was getting a hard on looking at her stocking tops,she d said good and told him she had always wondered about coloured guys....he told her she didnt have to was true
The guys were still at the bar staring at her,julie said she fancied jon and how she could feel how wet she was,my cock was hard at the words.

She asked me how i would feel about asking them to join us,i said I would find it horny,she wanted jon to sit next to her,so off i went ,the guys were dead keen....... jon sat at the back with julie and rob was next to me ,we ate and had a laugh and the drinks went down easy the guys were good company,a few times thro the meal julie kicked me and winked and i realised something was going on under the table but didnt know what............. we got the bill and as julie shuffled from behind the table her dress was open nearly to her navel ,she quickly adjusted herself and linked me......the guys were ahead of me and she d told me jon had been rubbing her pussy through her thong and she was soaking wet, we had never done anything like this b4 ,she went to the loo before we shared a cab back to the hotel,we sat on the back seat in the cab and the guys were opposite us,i could see her stocking tops where i was so i assumed they were looking at her knickers as she crossed and uncrossed her legs several times........she was snuggled into me all the time laughing and joking with the guys...she put something in my hand as we got to the hotel and i realised it was her panties...the guys had had a view of her near bald cunt all the way cock was rock hard...
We went to the lounge and the guys went to the bar to get the drinks,she told me she would like to kiss Jon she was hot, I suggested she take her coat up to our room and ask Jon at the bar to accompany her.....she was quite shocked i was suggesting that.... but i put her hand on my cock...she kissed me and off she went,i watched her whisper to jon and he followed her to the lift...... without looking back......!0 mins later tho it seemed like an hour they came back,Rob and me had been making idle chat but my mind was upstairs ,Julie beamed at me as she sat down and whispered to me that she loved mind was racing as to what they had got upto,but my cock was so hard,i needed another drink so went to get them again and she joined me at the bar.......she told me they kissed and had his fingers inside her before the lift had reached our floor.......she told me she had got his cock out as soon as they got into the room and it must have been at least 5 inches bigger than me im about 7..she wanked him he pulled her dress open and started nibbling her tits,he wanted to put it in her but she wouldnt let him....she told me she was desperate to feel him inside her but didnt want to without asking me..........I told her i would have loved it if she had let him,she said she wouldnt dare as we didnt have any protection........ I asked her did she want to have him she said YES please....i went to the toilets expecting to find a condom machine but there wasnt one...i came back and told her why i had gone and she kissed me.... we went back to the guys with the drinks ,we chatted for about another 15 mins and Rob said he was wrecked and went off to his bed......we chatted some more and i said im off to bed, julie looked taken a back and said oh I ll come with you,and i told her to finish her drink and id see her later,i said goodnight to jon and walked to the lift with my cock growing in my trousers,Julie came to the lift behind me looking quite shocked,she asked what was i doing,i told her to have fun,she said Are you Sure....I said to make sure she was the best fuck he s ever had,she kissed me and said shed be up soon..........apparently he asked her if she would like to go to his room for another drink and she said the room sounded good but she didnt want the drink............he got hold of her in the lift again and within 2 minutes of getting to his room he was eating her was just after 1 when i left her with him..... she came to me just after 3 absolutely stretched and covered in spunk,he had pulled out but julie wanted him inside her he went back in and filled her pussy full of his contraception...and he fucked her another twice....when she came to our bed i entered her ,she was so big and sticky ...god it was a gorgeous feeling...i pumped her full of my spunk in 20 seconds.....we made love all night and that was just the start the next night was even stickier....

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Ebba204 2018-07-04 02:26 Anmäl kommentar  
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Sarah 2017-12-15 23:53 Anmäl kommentar  
Great reading but would have loved to get more of the actual action. Not just ”then he fucked her”. :)
Iselin 2015-01-30 15:30 Anmäl kommentar  
Ill seed ill weed ;)
silagra 2014-10-21 01:19 Anmäl kommentar  
I really see the logic in your argument but I think you've painted your strokes
Sophie 2011-12-27 18:52 Anmäl kommentar  
my husband let me dress up real sexy and revealing when we go clubing/party and he love the attentions i get. He even pretends being a stranger and watch me dance sexy with men in clubs. Always wearing stockings which I love more than anything. Later we enjoy wild sex talking about it. It is like natural viagra for him:)
Tom 2011-02-28 23:35 Anmäl kommentar  
Så sexigt..!
DWG 2011-02-20 07:51 Anmäl kommentar  
Detta är så sexigt, eggande och häftigt. Sjukt kåt man blir av att läsa.
Helene 2011-02-05 09:41 Anmäl kommentar  
Härlig story. Skön och sexig!!
HG 2011-01-08 14:02 Anmäl kommentar  
Julie 2011-01-01 03:10 Anmäl kommentar  
Does not get better.
CK 2010-12-31 00:18 Anmäl kommentar  
underbar story!
Johan 2010-12-18 14:37 Anmäl kommentar  
riktigt bra!