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My first hit as a hobby escort

My boyfriend has a big fetish about watching me have sex whit other guys.. Either me alone whit another guy or that we invite an extra guy togheter for an threesome/sex whit me in center :)
He tried a long time

and both of us had to approve a person before a meeting, otherwise it became nothing, even if it was me people had sex with so was that our agreement and we had a lot of fun with this.. lots of hot sexy memories, great sex life, a lot of nice sex for me ;)
And hopefully, i hope that those who had sex with me also felt the same thing haha so they went home happy whit an big smile on their lips, after our meeting ;p

This short story is a true story..

I wanted to make some extra cash to my savings for breast implants and my boyfriend just wanted to spice up the sexlife
a little bit so we made a profile at an escort page and imidiatly it started to ring nonstop and a guy around 45-50 years
old called and wanted to realize some fantasies.. we can call him Patrik! And he told me exatcly what he wanted to do
and he also had 3 unusual wishes, that was a little bit scary to do the absolutly first time meeting somebody as an escort.

1: He wanted to see me and my boyfriend have sex and that my boyfriend should fill me up så he could like me clean.

2: He wanted me to give him wet and pee in his mouth.

3: He wanted to have sex whitout condom and he wanted to come inside me and fill up my pussy whit his sperm.

It dident sound to bad for me so i said ok, yes its possible at the right price!
So we did an agreement about the price, the time and about the services included!
He did know exactly what he wanted and that did in a kind of way everything mutch easier :)
So we booked an meeting later that evening!

So i took a long hot shower and shaved my legs and punani and dressed up according to his wishes
(white short skirt, black tank-top whit an generous cleavage, no bra so he could reach my boobies easier, tiny pink thongs and high heels)
Tho he was married so we meet outside at an discret location next to the highway,, and he had prepared it pretty nice whit blankets and pillows!

Immediately when I left the car he came to me, sat down on his knee in front of me and lifted up my skirt and pulled my panties
to the side and starting to lick my pussy. then he put me on my back att the blankets, took of my panties, spreaded my legs
and continued to lick me,and he licked me good!

And then after a while he asked my boyfriend to fuck me and to fill up my pussy with som nice, warm and sticky sperm! haha
After my boyfriend came in me, he moved so patrik could lick my pussy clean and then he laid down on his back and asked me
to squat my pussy/facesitting over his face and he continued to lick me, before he asked me to pee a little bit at a time in his mouth
and when i was finished he told me to stand up on all four and so i did as he asked and stod up on all four whit a nice sag!

Then he came up close up behind me and i could hear how he clipped his jeans buttons and how he pulled down his
jeans to his knees and then when he pulled down his boxer shorts i could feel his cock against my thigh and even though he was half-laced he felt pretty big!

and then he started pulling his cock up and down along my pussy
and when he spread my pussy wings so he can come inside of me and

Then I feel his bellend against my clitoris as he pulls his cock back and forth, up and down along my pussy before he spreads my pussy wings
so he can come inside of me and then
i realize that i have really forgot to ask about on very important detail and then the question pops up in my head
"How big is he? Whats his cock size?"
And at the same time he
slowly pusches his bodyweight against my ass as he slowly glides inside of me and i felt how his cock are growing
inside of me and just getting harder and bigger and i cant barely breath
The more and deeper his cock slides inside of me.. the more i feel how much my pussy is really getting stretched
out in every possible directions *lol :p
when all of his cock is inside of me all the way down to the root, I span my entire body, sag extra wit my ass and
if anobody should have driven by at the highway in just that moment they would garantily hear me hahaha
then he started to fuck me harder and faster and i cant shut up as i moan and almost cries of pleasure and pain..
I had both pain and enjoyed it at the same time as he fucked me in doggystyle and att he same time i gave my
boyfriend a blowjob and Patrik fucked me from behind and he fucked me good until
until he came in me and filled up my pink, swollen little pussy with a lot of his sperm.. at that period in
time even if it was just an short apetiser it was the first time i had sex whit two guys at the same time or in a row..
Now a days i gotta say that i love one cock inside of me and another one in my mouth at the same time ;) <3
After Patrik came in me i laid myself in front of them both and played with my rabbit until i also came!

It was a really nervous, exciting, slutty and crazy happening haha
But to be honest.. my boyfriend loves sex and i love sex so why not have fun, do new crazy things and so on..
U only live once!
And to make 450$ for 15 mins job doing something u love cant be that bad, and ofcourse, i love a crazy memory;)

On our way home my pussy did already felt sore, swollen and was full of boths sperm... Grr me like ;)
It almoust felt like his cock has penetrated me all throu my uterus, up in my throuth and out thro my mouth hahaha

I'm a little girl .. 160 cm short, 50 kg light and with an tiny punani! :0

Soo i had to know, i had to ask.. so i sent Patrik an sms whith the question?
Answer: 23.5

Thats kinda my record whitout competition haha :*


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